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The Brazen Babe featuring:

Sonya Highfield

I’ve always found inspiration in the people who push the boundaries of what's considered normal — the ones who kick against the grain and redefine what's possible. In my experience, these are the very people who most effectively kick out the bullshit mentality that's infected so much of corporate society — the one that tells us to consider ourselves safe and content until somebody else makes us uncomfortable. It’s in these uncomfortable areas that the beautiful shit happens. 

There’s no better example of this kind of power than the women who fight every day to forge their own path, even when society has told them that they’re impossible or too much trouble. Every time a woman takes a leap of faith to create her own future, we all benefit.

It’s these very women who are hurt the most by society’s standards — whose hard work and dreams are undermined by an industry that seems hell-bent on keeping them down. 

Today's interview is with Sonya Highfield, a meditating, intuitive, and badass female creative entrepreneur, about how she rebranded imposter syndrome, learns from her failure and why getting support really matters.

Sonya is a Wealth Expansion Coach, Bostonian, fan of all things cozy & kitchen dance parties. (And sometimes wearing sparkly gowns in the jungle!)

Listen to us get real on:

  • how she loves the nitty-gritty of coaching and pricing but also loves the mindset and energy work with intuitive guidance 
  • how she overcame being stuck in simply "pleasing the client"
  • how to learn from failure and how she tapped back into what she's really here for
  • feeling affirmed in her purpose
  • rebranding imposter syndrome
  • how meditating can be the answer for everything
  • how getting support truly matters
  • her career being fun, unique and craveable (like gelato)

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